Mom finds the kids.

The holidays are here! Several of them! On top of the hecticness of being social with people, I've very much needed to take a break to get back on top of my buffer since the summer.

So! Sombulus will still go on, but will be updating once a week on Tuesdays until the new year. One thing you can really do to help is check out my Patreon, because we've been hovering 20-some-dollars below the tier where I can hire a flatter and I know that'd make things go quite a bit more quickly. Any amount really helps, though!

Sneak Peek for $6+ Patrons Astyr and Rana's stylish new Dias Onda looks! (Astyr is not entirely thrilled about it.)

Thank you to Anne Welborn, my most recent Patron! Your support keeps this comic going! Won't you consider helping out too?

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